Shutterbug Magazine – 1-Year Subscription

Shutterbug Magazine -FREE 1-Year Subscription – . I’m not sure what the time limit is to apply for this. What a fun deal! :p

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New Lens Mugs for Your Imbibing Pleasure + a DSLR Bank!

New Lens Mugs for Your Imbibing Pleasure + a DSLR Bank! –

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10+ Awesome Ways to Upcycle Vintage Photo Gear

10+ Awesome Ways to Upcycle Vintage Photo Gear –

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15 Tips for the Best Underwater Photos Ever


15 Tips for the Best Underwater Photos Ever –

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30 Day Photo Challenge


Day One-
Ten Things About Myself:

1.My hubby and kids are my favorite people to spend time with. I start missing them just minutes after heading out the door to do errands or something.
2.  I like maps, but am ironically  very bad with directions. :p
3.  I love pictures and learning about photography. Editing pics in photoshop is a lot of fun too.
4. I only like to wear running shoes because they feel lighter to me and bend easier. Funny fact. 🙂
5. I love to read!
6. I love the sunshine! Warm weather, being outside in the yard, watching the kids ride their bikes, going to the beach. And I don’t care much for the cold. Altho there are some fun things about winter, I luv luv luv summer & spring! 🙂
7. I homeschool my kids and I love education!
8. I love our country and the freedoms we still have, and am grateful for everyone who keeps us safe so we can sleep soundly each night and choose how to educate our kids.
9. I like pink! & sparkle.
10. I believe 🙂

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Valentines Day 2012


A little late posting this cell phone pic 🙂

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Mobile Botanical Garden


We took a family outing to see an orchid exhibit today, and we all had a great time pricing the fine art of photography! This photo is, like many of my recent pics, a cell phone pic. They are quick and  convenient to edit and upload, and I’m happy with the quality of my phone’s camera most of the time.  But we all practiced with our Nikon’s today. I even placed the neck strap of the less expensive camera around the kids’ heads, gave them a few pointers and let them shoot! I worked on bouncing my flash of a nearby wall and playing with flash compensation. We especially enjoyed hanging out in the herb garden, and simply enjoying the warm weather. Fun day!

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Sponge Curlers


Do you remember these ol’ things? 😀

I can remember my mom rolling my hair spritzing the end of my hair with water as a young girl and filling my head with these foamy pink rollers. It was always so exciting to wake up and see what my hair would look like the next morning!  I would toss and turn a little bit, feeling those curlers like pillows on my head. I sit here typing this and imagining the thoughts of anticipation and excitement that ran through my little girls’ had as she anxiously tried to fall asleep tonight! As I snapped this photo she said she felt just like Tinker Bell. I can only wonder what that means, but I’m sure it’s something boingy and beautiful!

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I have been admiring this award that my husband received a long time ago, and kept thinking about wanting to take a photo of it with a flag. So, while I was on the treadmill today, I decided to grab my cell phone and the kids’ flag from school (for saying The Pledge of Allegiance!) & set up this shot as soon as I finished my walk! 🙂

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