Classroom Tour

Today I’m sharing a few pictures of our home classroom. There isn’t much wall space, so we have to be creative. For example, I hung several posters on one clip. This way I can easily swap out the handwriting chart for the times table chart. I’m sure I’ll tweak things as the year progresses. I focused on the organizing first, and hope to add the kid-appeal look to the room next. Each picture has little notes on it to give you a little insight to how we use it all.

I’d like to also share something with you before I close today’s post. I love this fact about my kids. They just don’t take “I don’t know” for an answer. They have learned to say, “Let’s research it!” or even, “Let’s Google it!” Tonight Joshua said we should research the letter V during school tomorrow. Yep, that one letter. He wants to know the history behind it. Who came up with this letter to represent the sound? Does it “mean” anything? Where does it come from? I love their search for knowledge, and pray they will continue to grow in wisdom.

Have a great week!





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  1. This is awesome! So well organized!

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