First Week of School 2012

It’s that time of year again! Time for paper, pens and books. Time for earlier bedtime routines & more organized mornings. This was our first week of school & it went great! We visited Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, MA and we established our daily routine Tues -Thursday. Every Friday we will have “Fun Friday”, which will include Learning Games or videos & a little extra creativity. On our first Friday we played the “french fry” game to review our addition facts, and we played a fun Sight Word game called “To The Top”. I didn’t grade them on handwriting & I even let them write with crayons during the game. They were expected to write neatly and get all the answers correct, though. This week was primarily review, which Gracie found a bit boring sometimes. She is ready to learn some new things! 🙂 A solid foundation is worth reviewing though. Next week we will review a little more, and add Spanish & Typing back to our full schedule. My favorite thing for this year, so far, is our new History Timeline. We will be adding pictures to it as we study events.

*Joshua also lost a front tooth this week! & the one right next to it is loose too! He freaked out a little bit & he said it felt weird, but he is all better today…and completely adorable. 😉



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